We pride ourselves with an extraordinarily diverse team our Property Owners fully Trust.

Our team is comprised of Realtors, Landlords of Personally Owned Property, and even Advertising & Marketing Executives, working with an in house Licensed Broker. All are extremely qualified, ready, and wanting to help our Property Owners, like you, save valuable time and money.

We Manage Your Property, All of It.

Our promise and commitment to Assure Your Property Maintains the Highest Possible Value Available in Today's Market, is just another reason why so many Property Owners Choose Us.

Paul Hendriks

Originally from the New York area, Paul now resides in St. Petersburg. When not working in the business or volunteering in the community, he enjoys spending time with his three beautiful and talented children. Whether they are bowling, going to the movies, visiting the beach, or riding bikes, any activity with them is fun and fulfilling.

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Jeanne Roney

Originally from St Petersburg, Jeanne has lived throughout Pinellas County & Sarasota, but returned to St Petersburg in 1997. When not working with others or volunteering in the community, she enjoys spending time with her family. She loves large family gatherings and fishing with her husband when they’re not working on their own properties.

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