Jeanne Roney

Jeanne Roney’s career started in Advertising and Marketing where she gained her passion for helping people achieve their goals and dreams.

Jeanne has always and will always be extremely active with her local government and community. She was a dedicated volunteer on the DAT team with the American Red Cross, she also spent several years as a Guardian Ad-Litem for Pinellas County 6th District Court. Jeanne has volunteered as well as been being on the board of several other local charities in her community. In addition, she is still an active member in several professional and community networks.

Switching careers over 13 years ago into of Property Management, her passion continues to aid others. The career change was  perfect for her, as she has been on both sides of Tenant/Landlord relationship. As a tenant, she learned the importance of being a “good” landlord. As a landlord, she also learned the importance of Value. She understands that being a good landlord doesn’t just mean getting the highest rent dollars. She understands, through her own trials & tribulations, it’s so much more than that and nothing is more valuable than a “good” tenant.

Living and working in the Tampa Bay area her entire life, Jeanne has built a solid foundation of loyal friends and business referrals. Working in advertising, marketing, sales, and property management, she prides herself on being tenacious, dedicated, and a loyal professional, who takes great pride and satisfaction in helping others achieve all their goals. Her entire career has entailed helping others negotiate pricing for value.